sayyestothejess asked:

Do you have recommendations for taking line notes? I've got a friend who's a first time SM with no tumblr. What are your favorite methods? Worst ideas you've heard of? There are 11 people in the cast and it's pretty wordy!


I do! Below are the templates that I use.


With this particular template, I print out multiple copies of this page, take a paper cutter to it, split up all the slips and then just fill them out as we go. Each actor then gets their line notes in physical form as they leave rehearsal. This works great when you have equity actors or want to just give individual line notes. On the other hand, it is sometimes difficult to handwrite things as you go — especially the first or second time the cast runs things off book. 


I like using this sheet when I can keep my computer up during a run. Personally, it seems like it would be just as easy to individualize line notes (whether you filter or sort or whatever) in this form… but (unless you have a printer at your immediate disposal) it will be more difficult for your actors to have a physical copy in hand. You can very easily email it out at the end of the night, though. And now that everyone (nearly everyone) has immediate access to their email, I think that’s just as useful as a physical slip. 

As far as a worst way to take line notes… I can’t think of one particular worst way. It’s really whatever works best for your friend, the process, and if the stage manager or director has a preference about how the actors get their notes. 

Hope this helps!


The document you asked about is my slip sheet — used for blocking. I copy it onto the back of my script. There are 3 different copies in this photoset; I tend to mix up formatting every time I do a show until I find something I absolutely love. 

For Busytown I have an LQ/SQ reference section on the bottom of the page since I was SM’ing. I’m ASM for Frecklefaceso I used the sheet more for mapping out transitions and backstage traffic. Smooch is a physical comedy show and there won’t be any dialogue… so that’s more a matter of having as much room to give myself writing space for notes/blocking as possible.

After working with this version of the slip sheet, I think I’ve decided that the Costumes/Props/Scenic/Notes boxes work better when they’re unlined. Now we know for next show!