So tomorrow night BoyfriendTerrence (who you should all know by now is doyouhaveyellowfever) and some of his friends are meeting up to record the first episode of their podcast. Since the place in which Boyfriend resides is a studio, I have been relegated to the streets for the evening.

I could go back to the place where I pay rent for the evening, but there are no boyfriends there so… Who wants to do that? (I may. Pending how late this shenanigans goes.)

This leaves me with the question of WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF.

I could go to the movie house — showing of the original Last House on the Left for free on the lawn. Beer and snacks and movies.

I could go to one of the bars in the neighborhood and snack and read.

I could take myself to the Mexican place in Lake Eola that I’ve been craving and eat and drink and read.

…decisions. Opinions?

Anonymous asked:

How true to size are the q2q comics shirts? I'm female, small build but wanna get a men's cut. Would a men's small be okay?

I think a men’s small would be okay! I can wear a women’s small but requested a medium just to be on the safe side — it’s a little bigger than I tend to wear my tees, but still a good fit. 

Best part about closing The Miracle Worker?

Now that I’m not running the show from my computer, I can update to Yosemite.


Today in: No work until November

  • Slept in until around 11 with doyouhaveyellowfever
  • Fixin to go grab food
  • Library!
  • General orientation for the tech center so that we can do TECHNOLOGY 
  • ^ The main branch of the library here opened up a tech center just over a year ago. Audio recording studios, video editing stations, a “FabLab” with a 3d printer, soldering/electronics classes, and bunch of other really neat stuff that is FREE to Orange County library cardholders. All you have to do is take some classes and then you can do TECHNOLOGY!
  • Dinner with doyouhaveyellowfever and his fammy fam.
  • Probably scary movies and wine and ice cream